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Lindsley Park Pavilion

Fundraising for Lindsley Park Shelter Honoring Marvia Valdez

Lindsley Park is a vital asset to our Bellevue-Hale Neighborhood.

The Park is a vibrant activity center for both recreational and social gatherings. It includes a playground, basketball and tennis courts, a baseball diamond, a small picnic area, and a walking path. What the Park is lacking is a lighted and covered shelter to better provide for community group activities and social event.

For more than a decade our Bellevue-Hale Neighborhood Association (BHNA) has hosted annual picnics and other community events in Lindsley Park. Participation in these events continues to grow. A lighted, covered shelter would create a venue for our annual movie nights, music events, and other large group gatherings. Our goal is to increase the number and variety of events we sponsor in order to draw our residents together and strengthen our sense of family and community.

Update 11/21/22:

BHNA has a matching donation challenge of $100,000. Our goal is $225,000, of which $200,000 (includes the challenge) has been raised. An additional $25,000 is needed to reach our goal for the Shelter.  BHNA has partnered with Denver Parks & Recreation and The Park People, both of whom are helping this vision become a reality- as well as you!


BHNA would be very grateful for your tax-deductible donation and is a

registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Mail Checks to:

Park Fund, BHNA

P.O. Box 200084, Denver, CO 80220

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A park sign that reads "Henry S. LindsleyPark"
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