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New Five-Story Apartment Building
on 12th Ave.

Demolition on the two apartment buildings on 12th Avenue between Bellaire and Ash Streets is set to begin early morning on Monday, January 9th. Limited noticed from the principals and the contractor were provided for this project. There is a planned weekly email update on the project from the contractor on Fridays which will they are still working out how to best distribute.


For now, the plan is to have trucks in and out of the site from January 9th through February 3rd. Their present plan is to park construction vehicles on the south side of 12th Avenue between Ash and Bellaire. Staging of other vehicles and trucks will need to be on-site according to their demolition permit (exact location still to be determined).


Later on in the project (following completion of demolition) utility cuts will be made in the street and notifications will be distributed that will include schedules and traffic control plans that will be approved and permitted through the City. No street closures are expected for this phase of the project, except possibly one lane on 12th Avenue on occasion. There will be "no parking" signs on the north side of 12th Avenue to allow the street to be as clear for normal traffic as much as possible. Pedestrians are encouraged to utilize pathways and sidewalks on the north side of 12th between Ash & Bellaire for safety reasons.


Construction noise is allowed between 7am and 9pm on weekdays and 8am to 5pm on weekends.


The contractor will have an individual on site for us to communicate with if there are any concerns or questions during this project.


The Bellevue-Hale Neighborhood Association hopes to organize a meeting with the principals to review conceptual drawings and plans for the single five-story apartment building that will be built on the site. Such plans will be distributed as they become available.

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