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-November 2022-

-November 2022-


Hi – I’m Frank!

I’m a German Shepherd/Lab/St. Bernard mix and I just turned 3.

My favorite things are going for long walks around our beautiful neighborhood, playing ball in the backyard, and howling at the fire trucks (I especially like the one with the ladder).

Now that it’s getting colder I’m looking forward to lots of snow to play in.  I really like catching snowballs!

At 110 pounds I may look a little scary, but really all I want to do is play with everyone.  I get really excited to meet new people and other dogs.  I try very hard to play gently with the kitties that live with me, but sometimes I forget and chase them instead.  They’re pretty good at telling me that they don’t like that.

I’m great on road trips and have been to 10 states and several places in Colorado so far!  I hope we can keep visiting new places because I really like exploring, going for hikes, and sniffing everything.

I came from a rescue who didn’t know much about me, so my people did a DNA test to learn more.  They found out about the 12 different types of dog in me, and also found that I have a sister who lives in Greeley! I hope I can see her again someday soon.

If you see me around the neighborhood I’d love to say hello!

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