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-March 2023-

-March 2023-


Maggie is a sweet, rambunctious, food-motivated, 16-month old.  She’s an interesting mix-half Catahoula Leopard Dog and half other stuff.  Her life in Denver started in July of 2022, after a nice rescuer (Red Fern), brought her up from Texas to find a forever home. She’s found it right here in Bellevue-Hale.

To give you a taste of her special qualities, here’s the top 10 professions her career counselor thinks she will be well suited for:

10 -surfer (counters that is)
9 -acrobat in a ball circus
8 -food tester
7 -plastic tester (special skills with watch bands and ear buds)
6 -yarn tester (wool connoisseur)
5 -keep away champion
4 -post-hole digger
3 -textile repurposing (sock and dog bed specialist)
2 -Amazon “subscribe and save”shopper (earbuds, watches, dog beds and treats all on the list)
1 -best friend

Maggie hopes to see you around the neighborhood on one of her many walks!

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