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- September 2023-

- September 2023-


Hi my name is Lada!

I am a four year old golden doodle that lives on Dexter St.

Lada means "beloved" in Russian and girl am I ever! My family gives me lots of belly rubs, walks and car rides. One thing I don't get is treats because I am on a very special diet. My food is soft and gets stuck in my hair that's why I sport a short haircut for a golden doodle. Who knows maybe I will start a new fashion trend!

Besides being beautiful I am also smart. Did you know I can tell time? When it's time to eat I lift the corner of the living room rug, when it's time for bed a herd my family away from the TV, when it's time to wake up I scratch on the door (your welcome family). I have other jobs too. Everyday I remove toys from my basket and scatter them all over the house and backyard along with stray socks. It can be a lot of work!

In my downtime I like to snuggle with my favorite toy Lamby, meet new human friends (not dogs, definitely not dogs), bark at the neighbors dogs through the missing fence slot and when its winter I love to play in the snow. That's how I got one of my nicknames "Snowda" along with "Lada Lucy", and "Miss Lady".

Whatever you call me just don't call me late for dinner!

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