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- June 2023-

- June 2023-


Hi my name is Ralph!

I am a handsome gray tabby with golden eyes and
the biggest paws ever.

Where it started:

Me, in the very back corner of my kennel, so no one could see me,
at the Denver Animal Shelter, but somehow I was spotted.

I was taken to my new home and hid for 10 days straight, which seemed to concern my hoo-man.


Have been with my hoo-man for almost six months-Love it!

LOVE my new home and like to let everyone know about-

Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow...

Rub my tummy-Love it!

Laying on the keyboard-Love it!

Stalking birds on my balcony, but never catching any-Love it!

Enjoy chewing on the occasional wire or two-Love it!

But have been told this is not a good thing to do-still love it!

I am one handsome lucky kitty-
Love it!  ❤️

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