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- January 2023

- January 2023


Moose is a seven and a half year old small dog trapped in a giant breed body. As a 175lb Harlequin Great Dane, he gets a lot of attention in the form of barks, shouts and even honks from cars when he's out and about, but he prefers private low key naps in the sunshine. ☀️

Due to his size, Moose is often misunderstood, but don't be mistaken, he is a gentle giant who loves kids and cats.

Most neighbors have heard him howling with the fire trucks and at the moon. 🌝 🚒

Moose will take any opportunity to rip up cardboard, with a preference for pizza boxes.

He can move his eyebrows independently!

And his tell is a yawn.🥱

If you're lucky, he'll give you a hug which is like hugging a giraffe.

When you see him around the neighborhood, he and his humans would love to meet you.

-Melody & Andy Mack

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