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- February 2023 -

- February 2023 -


Caper is a 7-year-old lab/basset/pittie/weimaraner mix (according to the doggie DNA test). Her mom was rescued from a garbage dump in Georgia and delivered a litter of 10 pups, all of whom found homes in the NYC area. But Caper was a Colorado dog at heart, ill-suited to the loud noises and confined spaces of the big city, so her family relocated to Denver just before her first birthday. Caper loves being outside, taking sun baths, rolling in the dirt, bounding through the snow, and walking to the treat box on the corner of 14th and Dexter (thanks, neighbor!). She's also a fan of lathering her loved ones with kisses and parading around with socks stolen from the laundry basket.

Her main dislikes include loud fireworks, thunder, and people not being in the places she wants them to be. She can be a little finicky on walks, especially close to her "home turf," which she defends valiantly against burglars, solicitors, delivery people, squirrels, and random passers-by. Because of these tendencies, we're pretty cautious with new people and new pets--apologies if she's snarled at you or your dogs!

You may not have seen us walking around the neighborhood as much recently--Caper had knee surgery in December, but she's on the mend! She'll be sniffing all the sniffs and demanding walks to the neighborhood treat box again very soon. Caper occasionally provides updates on her instagram account, @littlecaperberry.

Val and Eric

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