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Pet of the Month
-July 2022-

a medium sized white dog which short fur

Henri Lorax, the First

Henri arrived in our house after the loss of our beloved Jack-Westie, Franklin Sugar Fingers Boru. Left behind were two sad people and one very sad, 100 pound Golden-Bernard, Avery. 

Henri came in hot like a firecracker ready for the challenge!

He is an "official" Jack-o-weenie  from the Denver Animal Shelter. 

Some have said he is the personification of a mustache.

He is Henri, with an "i" because the "y" was just too heavy.


Henri has two personalities/nick names.

Butter Bean, when he is feeling cuddly.

And Tequila, when his sassy side emerges and he can help stomp his back foot. 


Henri ❤️'s


Avery, his sister

Burrowing under the covers

A good lap to sit on 

Playing tug of war or chasing a toy

Barking at his frenemy, Henley-who lives down the street

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