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Pet of the Month
-June 2022-

a black, brown and white corgi

Bucky Louise

Bucky Lou was quite excited to be asked to be BHNA's Pet of the Month for June. Her first question was "Does this honor involve free cookies?"

Bucky Lou is a small 5-year old tri-colored corgi who spent her formative years on a farm north of Greeley. Her innate talents as a herder were wasted there, as there were no cattle or sheep on the farm. So she hitched a ride to the big city and to Bellevue-Hale to seek stardom here. Stardom can be elusive, but she has high hopes.


She currently has a security/bodyguard gig on 12th Avenue with a good-sized fenced yard where her favorite trick is hiding behind the vines when people walk by with their dogs and then suddenly barking REALLY LOUD and making people's hearts skip a beat. She loves the people of Bellevue-Hale (not so much the dogs) and is happy to call this her home!

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