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-April 2023-


-April 2023-


My name is Bogart and I have lived on Birch Street for 20 years.

My parents, Ray and Patty tell me they are having a party for my 21st birthday on  April 15th, finally of legal age (Actually, in people terms I am about 100 years old).

I recently lost my sister; I miss her so much.  I now need a lot of attention. I really don’t like them to leave the house. As you can see, I like napping on the front porch ledge or lying their watching the neighbors and their dogs walk by.

I really like walking around the backyard when we have company on the patio. Toby and I are friends and we have spent a lot of time together the last few years. The best part of the day is taking a nap on Ray’s or Patty’s lap.

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