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- September 2022 -


- September 2022 -

Hi Friends!

I am Posey, your neighborhood Pembroke Welsh Corgi-on-Wheels.

I grew up in the Bellevue Hale neighborhood and you may have seen me playing my rope game in Lindsley Park in my “running days”.

I am in a quad cart now as I live with Canine Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) which is the doggy version of Lou Gehrig’s disease. My Human tells me that when my cart-days are over, we will make a road trip together to the Veterinary School at the University of Missouri where I will make a very special donation to the DM research program there. She says I will get a chance to help my doggy friends who may one day need a cart like mine. Don’t worry about me though! I am still happy and enjoy my time in Lindsley Park hanging with my Fur-iends.

I LOVE people!

They are my #1 favorite thing!

Wait…Food is my #1 favorite thing…..People are my #2 favorite thing!

If you happen to see me out and about in my fancy pink wheelchair, please come say “Hi”!

RIP: Posey passed away in January 2023. 

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