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- June 2022 -

Bucky Louise

- June 2022 -

Bucky Lou was quite excited to be asked to be BHNA's Pet of the Month for June. Her first question was "Does this honor involve free cookies?"

Bucky Lou is a small 5-year old tri-colored corgi who spent her formative years on a farm north of Greeley. Her innate talents as a herder were wasted there, as there were no cattle or sheep on the farm. So she hitched a ride to the big city and to Bellevue-Hale to seek stardom here. Stardom can be elusive, but she has high hopes.

She currently has a security/bodyguard gig on 12th Avenue with a good-sized fenced yard where her favorite trick is hiding behind the vines when people walk by with their dogs and then suddenly barking REALLY LOUD and making people's hearts skip a beat. She loves the people of Bellevue-Hale (not so much the dogs) and is happy to call this her home!

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