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Pet of the Month
-April 2022-

a medium sized honey colored cat

Bruce (aka Mr Brucie)

Mr Brucie wound up in my house 10 yrs ago transfering from my son’s apartment.

He came with a slightly checkered past, having clawed the eye of a fellow cat in a shelter. He has been rehabilitated and enjoys sharing the house with his sister, Little Tail.

Bruce seems to find humans interesting. He’s good with kids and visits the neighbors frequently. He was well trained by my wife Joyce and has adjusted to her loss. I hope he’ll be around for a while!

His outstanding qualities are :

🌟 social curiosity

🌟 an IQ of 100

🌟 staying close to the house

🌟 an affinity for Rachel Maddow

🌟 is a good communicator with an insistent growl when he wants out

Les Reitman

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